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-Papa's Story -

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For over a century the Rizzuto family has been making Italian sausage!
From Caltabellotta, Sicily to Kalamazoo, Michigan!


In 1983 Carl Rizzuto Jr. test marketed his product at local art fairs and outdoor events in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Watching the faces of the patrons as they bit into the sandwich Rizzuto knew it was time! In 1984 on a $5,000 loan Papa's Italian Sausage was opened in a small take out location on Riverview Drive in Parchment, Michigan. Rizzuto brought the family recipe from the basement of his fathers home to the public eye.

Nearly 40  years later, the location has changed and more homemade items have been added but the recipe remains the same!

Taste the history!

 -  Papa's Italian Sausage  -



“I have eaten a lot of sandwiches all over the country but the Bella Supreme at Papa's stands alone as the single best sandwich I have ever had!”

-  S. Tyree, Zomato Review -



“Bella Supreme is amazing. Hot sausage is out of this world. Will definitely come back!”

-  Jacob C., Yelp Review   -

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